IPCC Procedures for the Preparation, Review and Publication of its Technical Papers

At its Eleventh Session (Rome, 11-15 December 1995), the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change adopted by consensus the following procedures for the preparation of Technical Papers.

IPCC Technical Papers are prepared on topics for which an independent, international scientific/technical perspective is deemed essential. They:

a)  are based on the material already in the IPCC assessment reports and special reports

b)  are initiated: (i) in response to a formal request from the Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change or its subsidiary bodies and agreed by the IPCC Bureau: or (ii) as decided by the Panel;

c)  are prepared by a team of authors, including a convening lead author, selected by the IPCC Bureau, in accordance with the guidelines of the selection of lead authors contained in the IPCC Procedures;*

d)  are submitted in draft form for simultaneous expert and government review at least four weeks before the comments are due;

e)  are revised by the lead authors based upon the comments reviewed in the step above;

f)  are submitted for final government review at least four weeks before the comments are due;

g)  are finalized by the lead authors, in consultation with the IPCC Bureau which functions in the role of an editorial board, based on the comments received; and,

h)  if necessary, as determined by the IPCC Bureau, would include in an annex differing views, based on comments made during final government review, not otherwise adequately reflected in the paper.

Such Technical Papers are then made available to the Conference of the parties or its subsidiary body, in response to its request, and thereafter publicly. If initiated by the Panel, Technical Papers are made available publicly. In either case, IPCC Technical Papers prominently state in the beginning:

"This is a Technical Paper of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change prepared in response to a [request from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change]/[decision of the Panel]. The material herein has undergone expert and government review but has not been considered by the Panel for possible acceptance or approval."

* Preparation of the first draft of a report should be undertaken by lead authors identified by the relevant Working Group bureau from those experts cited in the lists provided by all countries and participating organizations, with due consideration being given to those known through their publication or work. In so far as practicable, the composition of the group of lead authors for a section of a report shall reflect fair balance among different points of view that can reasonably be expected by the Working Group bureau, and should include at least one expert from a developing country.

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