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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d92oct99

The Nature and Causes of Climate Change--Assessing the Long-Term Future, C. Goodness, J.P. Palutikof, T. Davies, 256 pp., 1992, approx. $75 (CRC).

A scientific review of climate change on global and regional scales; covers greenhouse gas forcing, orbital forcing, and impact of climate change on sea level; explains what is known about the complex dynamics of the atmosphere.

Item #d92oct100

Climate since AD 1500, R.S. Bradley, P.D. Jones, Eds., 679 pp., 1992, £85 (Routledge).

Examines data from three sources (historical, dendroclimatological, glacial) from the continents or their margins, and discusses the limitations of the various records. Is particularly concerned with the relevance of climate changes within the past 500 years, especially those related to greenhouse gases. Reviewed by W.F. Ruddiman in Nature, p. 721, Aug. 27, 1992.

Item #d92oct101

El Niño: Historical and Paleoclimatic Aspects of the Southern Oscillation, H.F. Diaz, V. Markgraf, Eds., 170 pp., $74.95/$59.96 discount through Nov. 30, 1992 (Cambridge). Compares the modern morphology and variability of El Niño with its recent historic and prehistoric behaviors, discussing implications for climate change. Reconstructions are based on records from tree rings, ice cores, corals, sediments and vegetation changes.

Item #d92oct102

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)--A Global Perspective, R.D. Reinhardt, 1992, $149 N. Amer./$167 elsewhere (Cutter). Outlines the operational efficiencies and unique qualities of GIS, and its use in areas such as environmental risk analysis, climate change, and sustainable agriculture.

Item #d92oct103

Carbon Dioxide Equilibria and Their Applications, J.N. Butler, 250 pp., 1992, $69.95/$84 outside U.S. (Lewis). Presents the basic equations, mathematical techniques and data on equilibrium constants and activity coefficients. Discusses the effects of increased atmospheric CO2 on various water bodies, and engineering applications relating to addition or removal of CO2.

Item #d92oct104

Three new titles from the AMS (Amer. Meteor. Soc.). Each volume contains preprints from the 1992 AMS annual meeting (Jan. 1992, Atlanta, Ga.) and costs $45/$35 AMS members.

Third Symposium on Global Change Studies, 148 pp., 1992. Topics include the effectiveness of countermeasures to reduce the greenhouse effect; the significance of changes in surface temperature and precipitation patterns during the 1980s; case studies of extreme climatic events in the Amazon Basin; effect of SST on large-scale features of deep convection over the tropical Pacific Ocean.

12th Conference on Probability and Statistics in the Atmospheric Sciences, 309 pp., 1992. Includes sections on climate data sets and their utilization for signal detection; global climate perspectives; climate change detection.

Eighth Conference on the Middle Atmosphere, 175 pp., 1992. Emphasizes recent findings on the dynamics and ozone photochemistry of the polar stratosphere, and results from the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite.

Item #d92oct105

Dynamics of Marine Ecosystems: Biological-Physical Interactions in the Oceans, K.H. Mann, J.R.N. Lazier, 466 pp., 1991, $46.95/£24.95 (Blackwell Scientific).

Divided into three sections based on scales of <1 km, 1-1000 km, and thousands of km. With respect to global climate change, the crucial role of the oceans in CO2 balance is considered, and the complications in assessing the role of phytoplankton discussed. Reviewed by D.S. McLusky in Nature, p. 30, July 2, 1992.

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