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A Guide to Information on Greenhouse Gases and Ozone Depletion
Published July 1988 through June 1999



Item #d92oct92

Cool Energy: Renewable Solutions to Environmental Problems, Revised Edition, M. Brower, 220 pp., 1992, $12.95 pbk. (MIT Press).

An expanded and revised version of an earlier edition published by the Union of Concerned Scientists. Argues that with the right policies, renewable energy could provide as much as 50% of U.S. energy needs within 40 years. Identifies the market barriers to be removed and asserts that from a broad societal perspective, renewable energy could be a cheaper source of new energy than fossil fuels.

Item #d92oct93

The Rational Use of Energy and the Environmental Benefits, The Watt Committee on Energy, Eds., 151 pp., 1992 (Watt).

Includes all the papers from the conference of the same title (Apr. 1992, Strasbourg, France), convened because 1992 is anticipated as a turning point for European energy policies, and as a forum for the debate over techniques and policy issues. The topics covered are: review of the energy scene; institutional factors; environmental implications; implementing the rational use of energy (market developments and suitable actors); round table discussions; the changing energy scene.

Item #d92oct94

The Energy-Environment Connection, J.M. Hollander, Ed., 450 pp., 1992, $48 hbk./$25 pbk. (Island).

Scientists and policy makers provide ideas on the vital connection between the two topics with the goal of helping citizens and leaders find ways to balance the costs and benefits of energy within the context of global sustainability.

Item #d92oct95

Energy and the Environment into the 1990s, A.A.M. Sayigh, five volumes, 1992, $820 (Pergamon).

Proceedings of The First World Renewable Energy Congress (Sep. 1990, Reading, UK) which looked at how to tap renewable energy sources and showed that renewable energy is a viable alternative to current harmful sources of energy. Among the topics covered are photovoltaics, solar thermal technology, materials science, wind energy, biomass technology, and solar and low-energy architecture.

Item #d92oct96

Global Environmental Protection Strategy through Thermal Engineering, 345 pp., 1992, $79.50 (Hemisphere).

Contains papers from the final report of a research subcommittee for Japan's Society of Mechanical Engineers. These are among the chapter topics: global trends in greenhouse gases and stratospheric ozone; carbon dioxide problems; CFC problems and alternatives; advanced energy conservation.

Item #d92oct97

Annual Review of Energy and the Environment (Vol. 16, Oct. 1991), J.M. Hollander, Ed., 572 pp., $64. (Ann. Rev. Inc.).

The topics of 17 papers include: assessment of CO2 mitigation options; least-cost climatic stabilization; unconventional power; how policies to increase U.S. oil production are likely to fail and damage the environment and the economy; international and regional topics (in southern Africa, the Soviet region, Brazil, China, southeast Asia, Poland).

Item #d92oct98

Market Mechanisms for Pollution Control: Impacts on the Coal Industry, J.L. Vernon, 38 pp., 1990, £60 member countries/£180 nonmember countries (IEA Coal Res.).

Examines existing experience with market-based regulatory instruments and assesses some of the more novel ideas being put forward as solutions to problems such as climate change and global warming. Considers taxes and tradable permits, noting that few schemes for implementation are on the drawing board. Reviewed by J. Skea in Energy Policy, pp. 380-381, Apr. 1992.

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