The Proposed USGCRP Budget for Fiscal Year (FY) 1996

The FY 1996 interagency budget request for the USGCRP remains roughly constant at the FY1995 level of about $1.8 billion. The core USGCRP activities focus on developing a predictive understanding of climate change, stratospheric ozone depletion, natural variations in climates over seasons to years, and large-scale changes in global land cover and in terrestrial and marine ecosystems.

For comparison with earlier years, several changes deserve attention. Coincident with the establishment of the Committee on Environment and Natural Resources, NOAA now includes global change funding for the NOAA fleet of oceanographic vessels, the NOAA Corps that crews these vessels, the NOAA laboratories, and the National Undersea Research Program within the USGCRP budget. For FY 1995 and FY 1996, these expenses add $60.7M and $60.9M, respectively, to the Department of Commerce and to the overall USGCRP budget. For the Smithsonian Institution and EPA, several programs that were included in last year's total are now included under the purview of other CENR subcommittees and do not appear here. Another important adjustment has been made to recognize that NASA has assumed more responsibility for the Landsat program. As a result of these changes, comparisons with earlier fiscal years require a careful, program-by- program analysis. Such information is available upon request from the Office of the USGCRP.

In addition to the focused USGCRP budget request which follows, the President's full FY 1996 global change budget request of about $2.15B includes funding proposed for NASA launch and satellite costs (about $50M in FY 95 and $80M in FY 96) and funding for DOE environmental technologies (about $245M in each year) and other minor additions related to programs within the Department of Transportation and the USDA.

Figure A. Budget by Agency
Figure B. Budget by Framework

Table A. FY 1995-1996 Budget by Agency
Table B. FY 1995-1996 Budget by Framework
Table C. FY 1995-1996 Budget by Framework and Agency
Table D. FY 1995-1996 Budget by Budget Function

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