Monday, December 4

Session I. The Climate Change Phenomenon and Sustainability

9:00 a.m. Introductory Remarks: Robert Watson, Deputy Director, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

9:15 Keynote Address: Bert Bolin, Chairman, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, "IPCC Assessment - An Overview"

10:00 The Carbon Cycle, Pieter Tans, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

11:00 Detection of Climate Change, Thomas Karl, National Climate Data Center

Session II. Sustainability and Climate Change: Impacts, Adaptation and Mitigation Options

Chair: Adam Markham, Director, Energy and Climate Policy, World Wildlife Fund

1:15 p.m. Ecosystem Adaptation - Terrestrial Systems, Stephen Hamburg, Center for Environmental Studies, Brown University

1:45 Impacts on Agriculture and Food Supply, David Wolfe, Center for the Environment, Cornell University

2:15 Health Impacts, Jonathan Patz, School of Hygiene and Public Health, Johns Hopkins University

3:15 Marine and Coastal Systems - Impacts and Adaptation, Victor Kennedy, Hornpoint Environmental Research Laboratory, University of Maryland

3:45 Mitigation Options - Energy Supply, Denny Ellerman, Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

4:15 Mitigation Options - Demand Side Management, Meredydd Evans, Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories

Tuesday, December 5

Session III. Sustainable Development and Climate Change: Economic Assessment

Chair: Martin Smith, Chief Environmental Scientist, Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation

9:00 a.m. Economic Estimates of Climate Change Impacts, Samuel Fankhauser, Global Environment Facility

9:30 Estimating the Costs of Mitigating Greenhouse Gas Emissions, David Montgomery, Charles River Associates

10:30 Application of Cost-Benefit Analysis to Climate Change, Mohan Munasinghe, World Bank

11:00 Integrated Assessment - What Can It Tell Us?, Jae Edmonds, Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories

Session IV. Sustainable Development and Climate Change: Science for Policy in the Face of Uncertainty

Chair: Joanne Fox-Przeworski, Director, United Nations Environment Programme Regional Office for North America

1:15 p.m. Business Perspectives, John Shlaes, Global Climate Coalition; Paul Walitsky, Philips Lighting Company

1:45 Environment Perspective, Jeremy Leggett, Greenpeace International

2:00 State-Local Government Perspective, Abby Young, Cities for Climate Protection

2:15 Counter Perspective, Patrick Michaels, Environmental Sciences Department, University of Virginia

3:00 Conference of Parties Perspectives, Arturo Sanchez, Costa Rica

3:30 U.S. Government Perspectives, Mark G. Hambley, Chief U.S. Negotiator on Climate Change, U.S. Department of State; Patrick Ramage, Global Legislators for a Balanced Environment

4:30 Closing Address: Mack McFarland, Principal Scientist, Atmosphere Unit, United Nations Environment Programme, "UNEP Perspective"