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About the National Science and Technology Council

President Clinton established the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) by Executive Order on November 23, 1993. This cabinet-level council is the principal means for the President to coordinate science, space, and technology policies across the Federal Government. The NSTC acts as a "virtual" agency for science and technology to coordinate the diverse parts of the Federal research and development enterprise. The NSTC is chaired by the President. Membership consists of the Vice President, the Assistant to the President for Science and Technology, Cabinet Secretaries and Agency Heads with significant science and technology responsibilities, and other senior White House officials.

An important objective of the NSTC is the establishment of clear national goals for Federal science and technology investments in areas ranging from information technology and health research, to improving transportation systems and strengthening fundamental research. The Council prepares research and development strategies that are coordinated across Federal agencies to form an investment package that is aimed at accomplishing multiple national goals.

To obtain additional information regarding the NSTC, contact the NSTC Executive Secretariat at 202.456.6100 (voice).

About the Committee on Environment and Natural Resources

The Committee on Environment and Natural Resources (CENR) is one of nine committees under the NSTC, and is charged with improving coordination among Federal agencies involved in environmental and natural resources research and development, establishing a strong link between science and policy, and developing a Federal environment and natural resources research and development strategy that responds to national and international issues.

To obtain additional information about the CENR, contact the CENR Executive Secretary at 202.482.5917 (voice).

About the Office of Science and Technology Policy

The Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) was established by the National Science and Technology Policy, Organization, and Priorities Act of 1976. OSTP's responsibilities include advising the President on policy formulation and budget development on all questions in which science and technology are important elements; articulating the President's science and technology policies and programs; and fostering strong partnerships among Federal, State, and local governments, and the scientific communities in industry and academia.

To obtain additional information regarding the OSTP, contact the OSTP Administrative Office at 202.456.6004 (voice).

Committee on Environment and Natural Resources

Rosina Bierbaum (Acting) Co-Chair, Executive Office of the President

D. James Baker Co-Chair, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Patricia Beneke, Department of the Interior

Joseph Canny, Department of Transportation

David Colson, Department of State

Christine Ervin, Department of Energy

T.J. Glauthier, Office of Management and Budget

Robert Huggett, Environmental Protection Agency

Thomas Lovejoy, Smithsonian Institution

Kenneth Olden, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Joseph Osterman, Department of Defense

Anne Peterson, National Science Foundation

H. Ronald Pullium, Department of the Interior

Dan Reicher, Department of Energy

Ronald Ritschard, Tennesee Valley Authority

Michael Stegman, Department of Housing and Urban Development

William Townsend, National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Robert Volland, Federal Emergency Management Agency

Kathie Woteki, Department of Agriculture

Skip Wright, Office of the Coordinator for Meteorology

Linda Zall, Central Intelligence Agency


Air Quality: Martha Krebs (DOE), Dan Albritton (NOAA), and Mary Nichols (EPA)

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics: Tom Lovejoy (SI) and Ron Pullium (DOI)

Global Change: Bob Corell (NSF) and Robert Harriss (NASA)

Natural Disaster Reduction: Bill Hooke (NOAA), Rober Hamilton (USGS), and Robert Volland (FEMA)

Resource Use and Management: Jerry Sesco (USDA) and Gary Hill (USGS)

Risk Assessment: Lynn Goldman (EPA) and George Lucier (NIEHS)

Socioeconomic Science: Cora Marret (NSF)

Task Force on Observation and Data Management: William Townsend (NASA) and Robert Winokur (NOAA)

Toxics Substances/Solid and Hazardous Waste: Bob Huggett (EPA), Kenneth Olden (NIEHS), Thomas Grumbly (DOE), and Sherri Goodman (DoD)

Water Resources: Robert Hirsch (USGS), Don Scavia (NOAA), and Robert Perciasepe (EPA)

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