A U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Plan

The science plan can be downloaded in PDF format through these links

Development of a Science Plan

Science planning was initiated in the spring of 1998 with the establishment of a multidisciplinary science planning working group, sponsored by DOE, NASA, NOAA, NSF, and USGS, under the auspices of the United States Global Change Research Program.

 The Carbon and Climate Working Group held planning meetings in March and May 1998. A workshop was held in August 1998, in Westminster, Colorado, to solicit input from the scientific community, and from interested Federal agencies. The resulting integrated carbon cycle research plan addressing oceanic, atmospheric and terrestrial components is now available. The completed science plan, titled "A U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Plan", is available in hard copy from:

        U.S. Global Change Research Program
        400 Virginia Avenue, SW
        Suite 750
        Washington, DC  20024 USA
        phone: (202) 488-8630
        fax: (202) 488-8681
The science plan can be downloaded in PDF format here as follows:

 Single Complete Document (1.5 MB)

 In Sections:

Front Cover (280 kb)
Contents and Executive Summary (208 kb)

Chapter 1: Introduction (48 kb)
     Outline of the Research Program
     Structure of the Plan

Chapter 2: The Past and Present Carbon Cycle (276 kb)
     The Terrestrial Carbon Sink
     The Ocean Carbon Sink
     Land Use

Chapter 3: Predicting the Future Carbon Cycle (180 kb)
     Projecting Future Atmospheric CO
2 Concentrations
     Management Strategies

Chapter 4: An Integrated Carbon Cycle Science Program (368 kb)
     Goal 1: Understanding the Northern Hemisphere Terrestrial Carbon Sink
     Goal 2: Understanding the Ocean Carbon Sink
     Goal 3: Assessing the Role of Land Use
     Goal 4: Improving Projections of Future Atmospheric CO
     Goal 5: Evaluating Management Strategies 
     Observing and Discovering
     Expected Results

Chapter 5: Summary of Program Elements and Resource Requirements (160 kb)
     Mapping of Program Elements to CCSP Goals

Chapter 6: Program Implementation and Critical Partnerships (56 kb)
     Implementation Principles
     Proposed Program Management Structure
     Critical Partnerships

Bibliography, Acronyms and Abbreviations (60 kb)
Back Cover (28 kb)

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