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C. List of Acronyms and Abbreviations

3DNEPHThree-Dimensional Nephanalysis
AAASAmerican Association for the Advancement of Science
ADCAffiliated Data Center
ADEOSAdvanced Earth Observing System
AFGWCAir Force Global Weather Central
ARCSSArctic Systems Sciences Program
ARMAtmospheric Radiation Measurement Program
ASCIIAmerican Standards Committee for Information Interchange
ASFAlaska SAR Facility
AVHRRAdvanced Very High Resolution Radiometer
BOREASBoreal Ecosystem-Atmosphere Study
CARDSComprehensive Aerological Research Data Set
CARTCloud and Radiative Testbed
CD-ROMCompact Disk-Read Only Memory
CDDISCrustal Dynamics Data Information System
CDIACCarbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center
CEESCommittee on Earth and Environmental Sciences
CENRCommittee on Environment and Natural Resources Research
CEOSCommittee on Earth Observations Satellites
CEOS-IDNCEOS International Directory Network
CEOS-WGDCEOS Working Group on Data
CGEDCommittee on Geophysical and Environmental Data
CIESINConsortium for International Earth Sciences Information Network
CIRCenter for International Research
CIRLACloud Information Reference Archive and Library
CMDLClimate Modeling and Diagnostics Library
CO2Carbon Dioxide
COADSComprehensive Ocean Atmosphere Data Set
CODATACommittee on Data for Science and Technology (ICSU)
CSACanadian Space Agency
CZCSCoastal Zone Color Scanner
DAACDistributed Active Archive Center
DCPData Collection Platform
DEMDigital Elevation Model
DIFDirectory Interchange Format
DLGDigital Line Graph
DMADefense Mapping Agency
DMSPDefense Meteorological Satellite Program
DOCDepartment of Commerce
DODDepartment of Defense
DOEDepartment of Energy
DOIDepartment of the Interior
DSSData Support Section (NSF)
DTICDefense Technical Information Center
EDCEROS Data Center
EIAEnergy Information Administration
EMAPEnvironmental Monitoring and Assessment Program
EO-ICWGEarth Observation International Coordination Working Group
EOSEarth Observing System
EOSDISEarth Observing System Data and Information System
EPAEnvironmental Protection Agency
EROSEarth Resources Observation Systems
ERSEuropean Remote-Sensing Satellite
ESAEuropean Space Agency
ESDDEarth Science Data Directory
ESnetEnergy Sciences Network
EUMETSATEuropean Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites
FAOFood and Agriculture Organization (United Nations)
FDDIFiber-Optic Digital Data Interface
FGDCFederal Geographic Data Committee
FIFEFirst International Satellite Land Surface Climatology Project (ISLSCP) Field Experiment
FIPSFederal Information Processing Standards
FNMOCFleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center
ftpFile Transfer Protocol
FYFiscal Year
GACGlobal Area Coverage
GCCSGlobal Change Catalog System
GCDISGlobal Change Data and Information System
GCHGlobal Change Climate and History
GCIPGlobal Continental International Project
GCMGeneral Circulation Model
GCMDGlobal Change Master Directory
GCOSGlobal Climate Observing System
GCRIOGlobal Change Research Information Office
GEWEXGlobal Energy and Water Cycle Experiment
GHCNGlobal Historical Climate Network
GHGGreenhouse Gas
GILSGovernment Information Locator Service
GISGeographic Information System
GLISGlobal Land Information System
GLOEDGlobal Emissions Database
GNMDFGlobal Network MetaData File
GOESGeostationary Operational Environmental Satellite
GOOSGlobal Ocean Observing System
GRIDGlobal Resource Information Database (UNEP)
GSFCGoddard Space Flight Center
GTCPGlobal Tropospheric Chemistry Program
GUIGraphical User Interface
HDPHuman Dimensions of Global Environmental Change Programme
HDP-DISHuman Dimensions of Global Environmental Change Programme Data and Information System
HIRASHigh Resolution Analysis System
HPCCHigh Performance Computing and Communications
IACInformation Analysis Center
ICPSRInter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research
ICSUInternational Council of Scientific Unions
IDNInternational Directory Network
IEOSInternational Earth Observing System
IGBPInternational Geosphere-Biosphere Programme
IGBP-DISInternational Geosphere-Biosphere Programme Data and Information System
IMInformation Management
IOCIntergovernmental Oceanographic Commission
IODEInternational Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange
IPCCIntergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
IRISDivision of Information, Robotics, and Intelligent Systems (National Science Foundation)
ISCCPInternational Satellite Cloud Climate Project
ISIInformation Systems Inventory
ISLSCPInternational Satellite Land Surface Climatology Project
ISOInternational Standards Organization
ISO/OSIInternational Standards Organization/Open Systems Interconnections
ISSCInternational Social Science Council
IWGDMGCInteragency Working Group on Data Management for Global Change
JERS-1Japan's Earth Resources Satellite
JGOFSJoint Global Ocean Flux Study
JICJoint Ice Center
JPLJet Propulsion Laboratory
KbpsKilobits per second
LANLocal Area Network
LaRCLangley Research Center
LTERLong-Term Ecological Research
MANMetropolitan Area Network
MbpsMegabits per second
MC&G;Mapping, Charting, and Geodesy
MDMaster Directory
METARMeteorological Aviation Report
MITIMinistry of International Trade and Industry
MODISModerate Resolution Imaging Spectrometer
MSFCMarshall Space Flight Center
NALNational Agricultural Library
NALCNorth American Landscape Characterization
NARANational Archive and Records Administration
NASNational Academy of Sciences
NASANational Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASDANational Space Development Agency (Japan)
NBSNational Biological Survey
NCARNational Center for Atmospheric Research
NCCNational Computer Center
NCDCNational Climatic Data Center
NCSANational Center for Supercomputer Applications
NCSEBNational Center for Synthesis in Experimental Biology
NDCNational Data Center
NEDRESNational Environmental Data Referral Service
NEICNational Energy Information Center
NESCNational Environmental Supercomputing Center
NESDISNational Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service
NEWNOAA Environmental Watch
NEXRADNext Generation Weather Radar
NGDCNational Geophysical Data Center
NICNetwork Information Center
NIINational Information Infrastructure
NISTNational Institute of Standards and Technology
NMFSNational Marine Fisheries Service
NOAANational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NOAADIRNOAA Environmental Services Data Directory
NODCNational Oceanographic Data Center
NODISNSSDC Online Data and Information System Services
NOSNational Ocean Service
NRENNational Research and Education Network
NSCATNASA Scatterometer
NSDINational Spatial Data Infrastructure
NSFNational Science Foundation
NSFNETNational Science Foundation Network
NSINASA Science Internet
NSIDCNational Snow and Ice Data Center
NSNNASA Science Network
NSSDCThe National Space Science Data Center
NTISNational Technical Information Service
OESBureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs
OL-AOperating Location-A
OLSOnline Library System
OMBOffice of Management and Budget
ONROffice of Naval Research
ORNLOak Ridge National Laboratory
OSTIOffice of Scientific and Technical Information
OTAOffice of Technology Assessment
OTTEROregon Transect Ecosystem Research
PCMDIProgram for Climate Model Diagnosis and Intercomparison
PIBALPilot Balloon
PICProduct Information Catalog
POEMPolar-Orbit Earth Observation Mission
POSIXPortable Operating System Interface
RDBMSRelational Data Base Management System
RICRegional Information Centre (IGBP)
RTNEPHReal Time Nephanalysis
SAASatellite Active Archive
SAMSSurface Automated Meteorological Systems
SARSynthetic Aperture Radar
SCSSoil Conservation Service
SDSDSatellite Data Services Division
SDTSSpatial Data Transfer Standard
SeaWiFSSea-Viewing Wide-Field of View Sensor
SEDACSocioeconomic Data Center
SGCRSubcommittee on Global Change Research
SPNShared Processing Network
SSM/ISpecial Sensor Microwave/Imager
STAScience and Technology Agency
STIScientific and Technical Information
TCP/IPTransmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TOGATropical Ocean Global Atmosphere Experiment
TOMSTotal Ozone Mapping Spectrometer
TOPEX/PoseidonOcean Topography Experiment
TOVSTiros Operational Vertical Sounder
TRMMTropical Rainfall Measuring Mission
UARSUpper Atmosphere Research Satellite
UCARUniversity Corporation for Atmospheric Research
UNEPUnited Nations Environment Programme
UNIDATAUniversity Data System
USAFU.S. Air Force
USDAU.S. Department of Agriculture
USGCRPU.S. Global Change Research Program
USGSU.S. Geological Survey
USMARCU.S. Machine Readable Cataloging
WAISWide-Area Information Server
WANWide Area Network
WCRPWorld Climate Research Programme
WDCWorld Data Center
WGDWorking Group on Data
WMOWorld Meteorological Organization
WOCEWorld Ocean Circulation Experiment

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