Global Warming and Climate Change

Entry_ID: GCRIO 383 Entry_Title: Global Warming and Climate Change Document_Author: Morgan, Granger, and Tom Smuts Start_Date: 1995-00-00

Audience_Interest_Guide: Education

Global Warming and Climate Change brochure provides information on climate
change and its effects. The brochure is divided in three parts:
1. What is climate change?
2. If climate changes, what might happen?
3. What can be done about climate change?

Each part is accompanied by a more detailed booklet.

The brochure is available from the Carnegie Mellon University for the price of
$6.00 (US) for less than 10 copies, $5.50 (US) for more than 10 copies, and
$5.00 (US) for more than 100 copies.

References: Morgan, Granger, and Tom Smuts. 1994. Global Warming and Climate
Change. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Carnegie Mellon University,
Department of Engineering and Public Policy.

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Storage_Medium: Brochure + three booklets.
Parameter: Climate Change
Parameter: Atmospheric Composition > Carbon Dioxide
Parameter: Atmospheric Composition > Ozone
Parameter: Atmospheric Composition > Greenhouse Gases
Parameter: Atmospheric Dynamics
Parameter: Environmental Effects
Parameter: Ocean Dynamics
Parameter: Atmospheric Composition > Sulfur Dioxide
Parameter: Atmospheric Composition > Chlorofluorocarbons
Discipline: Physical Sciences > Atmospheric Sciences
Discipline: Physical Sciences > Climatology
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Discipline: Multidisciplinary Sciences > Earth Science
Discipline: Multidisciplinary Sciences > Environmental Studies
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