1995 MTPE EOS Reference Handbook

Entry_ID: GCRIO 374 Entry_Title: 1995 MTPE EOS Reference Handbook Document_Author: NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center, Mission to Planet Earth Agency_Name: NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center
Start_Date: 1995-00-00

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The 1995 MTPE EOS Reference Handbook provides descriptions and objectives of
the Mission to Planet Earth (MTPE), the EOS Program, and EOS Data and
Information System (EOSDIS). The Handbook contains a section on NASA's
education activities and programs, as well as sections on International
Cooperation and Interagency Coordination. The description of EOS instruments
includes parameters, principal investigators, and a list of related products.

References: NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center, Mission to Planet Earth (MTPE),
Earth Observing System (EOS). 1995. 1995 MTPE EOS Reference
Handbook. Greenbelt, Maryland: EOS Project Science Office.

NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center, Mission to Planet Earth (MTPE),
Earth Observing System (EOS). 1995. 1995 Reference Handbook.
[online]. URL: http://spso.gsfc.nasa.gov/eos_reference/TOC.html


Data_Center_Name: NASA - Goddard Space Flight Center
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Last_Name: Griner
First_Name: Charlotte
Email: Internet > cgriner@ltpmail.gsfc.nasa.gov
Phone: +1-301-286-3411
Fax: None
EOS Project Science Office
Code 900
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, Maryland 20771

Print: 277 p. [book]
Online: URL: http://spso.gsfc.nasa.gov/eos_reference/TOC.html
Parameter: Environmental Change
Parameter: Environmental Effects
Parameter: Environmental Monitoring
Parameter: Atmospheric Dynamics
Parameter: Biogeochemical Cycles
Parameter: Hydrologic Processes
Parameter: Ecological Dynamics
Parameter: Geodynamic Features
Parameter: Climate Change
Parameter: Ocean Dynamics
Parameter: Land Processes
Parameter: Education
Discipline: Physical Sciences > Atmospheric Sciences
Discipline: Physical Sciences > Climatology
Discipline: Physical Sciences > Earth Science
Discipline: Physical Sciences > Hydrology
Discipline: Physical Sciences > Oceanography
Discipline: Physical Sciences > Solar Physics
Discipline: Life Sciences > Ecology
Discipline: Life Sciences > Environmental Science
Discipline: Social Sciences > Education
Discipline: Multidisciplinary Sciences > Earth Science
Discipline: Multidisciplinary Sciences > Environmental Studies
Discipline: Applied Sciences > Education
Location: Global
Location: Stratosphere
Location: Troposphere
Keyword: global change
Keyword: geophysical processes
Keyword: oceans
Keyword: ecosystem processes
Keyword: glaciers
Keyword: polar ice sheets
Keyword: volcanoes
Keyword: instruments