Global Change Education Resource Guide

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This Climate and Global Change Education Resource Guide was developed
and funded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Administration(NOAA) Office of Global Programs as a contribution to the
educational activities of the interagency U.S. Global Change Research

It is intended as an aid to educators who will conduct programs and activities
on climate and global change issues for a variety of audiences. In some cases,
these individuals will be involved in formal education at the K-12 level.
Equally important are those individuals who provide informal educational
opportunities to the general public through museums, aquaria, extension
programs, and civic public interest groups.

This Resource Guide is not intended to be a comprehensive presentation of
the issues. Rather, it provides educators with a selected set of currently
available materials which help to frame and clarify some of the key issues
associated with changes in the global environment.

Topic areas include: 1) Natural Climate Variability; 2) Greenhouse Effect; 3)
Sea-Level Rise; 4) Ozone Depletion; 5) Ecosystem Response; 6) Decision-
Making Under Scientific Uncertainty; 7) Bibliography.

Information for acquiring additional resources is included. The Guide
contains maps, graphs, charts and tables. Much of the material is available in
several languages.
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