Indoor Air Quality Environmental Handbook: Combustion Sources

Entry_ID: GCRIO 299 GCRIO_Inventory: 4 Entry_Title: Indoor Air Quality Environmental Handbook: Combustion Sources Document_Author: King, Thomas A. Document_Author: Green, Linda L. Document_Author: Reinmann, Paul F.
Agency_Name: U.S. Department of Energy
Start_Date: 1985-01-00
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This publication, Indoor Air Quality Environmental Handbook: Combustion Sources,
provides both the technical and non-technical reader the "current state of
knowledge regarding combustion sources of indoor air pollution." Compiled
from research, conference proceedings,technical journals, and other
publications, this report offers quantitative and descriptive data on emissions,
indoor concentrations, health effects, models, and controls relating to
combustion-generated pollutants. It includes graphs, tables, figures,
abbreviations and a glossary.

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