Indoor Air Quality Environmental Information Handbook: Building System

Entry_ID: GCRIO 296 GCRIO_Inventory: 4 Entry_Title: Indoor Air Quality Environmental Information Handbook: Building System Characteristics January 1987 Document_Author: None Agency_Name: U. S. Department of Energy
Start_Date: 1987-06-00
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This handbook, Indoor Air Quality Environmental Information Handbook:
Building System Characteristics January 1987, is directed toward residential
building system characteristics and their effects on indoor air quality. Its
purpose is to provide technical persons, as well as non-technical readers, with
information about residential indoor air quality and how it is affected by
building system characteristics and practices. The information was compiled
from government and private research, conferences, manufacturers, technical
journals and other publications. The handbook contains figures, tables,
abbreviations,acronyms, an index and a bibliography.

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