CENDI Overview and Progress Report 1992

Entry_ID: GCRIO 268 GCRIO_Inventory: 2 Entry_Title: CENDI Overview and Progress Report 1992 Document_Author: None Agency_Name: CENDI Secretariat Start_Date: 1994
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CENDI is an interagency working group composed of senior STI managers
from five U.S. federal agencies:
COMMERCE - National Technical Information Service(NTIS)
ENERGY - Office of Scientific and Technical Information(OSTI)
and Technical Information Program, (NASA, STI)
HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES - National Library of Medicine(NLM)
DEFENSE - Defense Technical Information Center(DTIC)

This document provides a description of its member agencies and the
organization's present focus and future efforts. It includes: 1) A message from the
chairman, Kurt N. Molholm, that summarizes the highlights of Fiscal Year 1993; and, 2) An
insert that lists the goals, objectives, and activities for Fiscal Year 1995.
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