CODATA '94 Data and Knowledge in a Changing World: The

Entry_ID: GCRIO 267 GCRIO_Inventory: 0 Entry_Title: CODATA '94 Data and Knowledge in a Changing World: The Quest for a Healthier Environment. 14th International Conference Document_Author: None Agency_Name: Committee on Data for Science and Technology>CODATA
Start_Date: 1994-09-00
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The CODATA '94 14th International Conference had two principal objectives:
1) to elucidate the importance of data and knowledge in a rapidly changing
world by a rational investigation of environmental concepts and objectives;
and 2) examine solutions arising from the changing nature of new and
innovative materials.

CODATA '94 was organized into three symposia covering the following
Symposium M - Materials and Structural Properties
Symposium E - Environment, Biodiversity and Toxicity
Symposium I - Computer Aided Systems and Communication.

CODATA '94 was held in Chambery, France.
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