Social Panorama of Latin America

Entry_ID: GCRIO 263 GCRIO_Inventory: 1 Entry_Title: Social Panorama of Latin America Document_Author: None Agency_Name: Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean>ECLAC Start_Date: 1993-00-00
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Social Panorama of Latin America is an overview by the ECLAC secretariat of
the region's social development during the 1980s. Although health, housing,
social expenditure and recent trends are covered little or not at all,
employment, income distribution, poverty, progress and setbacks in the
socioeconomic strata are included.
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Parameter: Social Behavior>Social Development
Parameter: Demographic Characteristics>Population Distribution
Parameter: Social Classes>Education Level
Parameter: Income Distribution>National Income
Parameter: Economic Indicators>Income
Parameter: Standard of Living
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