United States Department of Energy Home Page

Entry_ID: GCRIO 254 GCRIO_Inventory: 19 Entry_Title: United States Department of Energy Home Page Document_Author: None Agency_Name: United States Department of Energy>DOE Start_Date: 1994-10-00
Group: Summary
Audience_Interest_Guide: Education
Audience_Interest_Guide: Government
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The Department of Energy Home Page is a World Wide Web/Mosaic
computer application that ties together the Department's geographically
scattered World Wide Web, Gopher, Wide Area Information Servers (WAIS),
and other Internet resources. It provides general information and news about
the Department of Energy and identifies starting points and pathways for
accessing other information. Through one single address the public can access
departmental servers.
Group: Data_Center
Data_Center_Name: United States Department of Energy
Dataset_ID: DOE/OSTI--CO51 (10/94)
Group: Data_Center_Contact
Last_Name: None
First_Name: None
Email: Access Address: http//www.doe.gov
Note* To access, you need Mosaic or a similar World Wide Web client on
your computer. For questions, contact: webmaster@apollo.osti.gov
Phone: (202) 586-5000
Fax: None
Group: Address
1000 Independence Ave, SW
Washington, DC, None 20585
Storage_Medium: 1 page of printed matter
Parameter: Resources>Energy Resources
Discipline: Social Sciences > Education
Discipline: Applied Sciences > Telecommunications
Discipline: Applied Sciences > Public Policy
Location: North America > United States
Keyword: information service
Keyword: online information
Keyword: DOE>Department of Energy
Keyword: OSTI>Office of Scientific and Technical Information
Keyword: information products
Keyword: server software
Keyword: WWW>World Wide Web
Keyword: Mosaic
Keyword: WAIS>Wide Area Information Servers
Keyword: Internet
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Keyword: NCSA>National Center for Supercomputing Applications
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