Cleaner Production Programme

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The UNEP IE/PAC Cleaner Production Programme was launched in response
to a decision from the UNEP Governing Council, on the need to reduce global
industrial pollution and waste.

The objectives of the programme are to: Increase worldwide awareness of the
cleaner production concept; Help governments and industry develop cleaner
production programmes; Foster the adoption of cleaner production; and
Facilitate the transfer of cleaner production technologies.

To meet these objectives, the programme focuses on the collection and
dissemination of information on cleaner production that: Explains the
concept; Illustrates technical applications; Helps people develop cleaner
production programmes. These efforts, initiated through a number of different activities,
cultivated an ever expanding informal network of cleaner production experts,
both in the public and private sectors.

The programme contains four major elements: Publications; Training and
Technical Assistance; ICPIC>International Cleaner Production Information
Clearinghouse; and Working Groups.
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