Ozonaction Programme

Entry_ID: GCRIO 249 GCRIO_Inventory: 1 Entry_Title: Ozonaction Programme Document_Author: None Agency_Name: Industry & Environment Ozonaction Programme Start_Date: 1994-03-00
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The Multilateral Funds was established by Parties to the Montreal
Protocol to provide financial and technical assistance to developing
countries that are Party to the Protocol to enable them to phase-out
ODS(ozone depleting substances). Four organizations serve as the Fund's
implementing agencies: the UN Development Programme>UNDP, the UN
Environment Programme>UNEP, the UN Industrial Development
Organization>UNIDO and the World Bank.

UNEP was given responsibility for gathering information, holding
workshops, training courses, networking, conduction country programmes
and acting as an information clearinghouse. The OzonAction Programme is
UNEP's response to this mandate. It is designed to ease developing
countries' transition to the use of chemical that do not deplete the
ozone layer.
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Industry & Environment Ozonaction Programme
39-43 Quai Andre Citroen
75739 Paris Cedex 15,
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