State Energy Data Report 1992: Consumption Estimates

Entry_ID: GCRIO 246 GCRIO_Inventory: 1 Entry_Title: State Energy Data Report 1992: Consumption Estimates Document_Author: Agency_Name: EIA>Energy Information Administration Start_Date: 1994-05-00
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The State Energy Data Report (SEDR) provides annual time series estimates of State-level
energy consumption by major economic sector. The estimates are developed in the State
Energy Data System (SEDS), which is maintained and operated by the Energy Information
Administration (EIA). The goal in maintaining SEDS is to create historical time series of
energy consumption by State that are defined as consistently as possible over time and
across sectors. SEDS exists for two principal reasons: (1) to provide State energy
consumption estimates to Members of Congress, Federal and State agencies, and the general
public: and (2) to provide the historical series necessary for EIA's energy models. Due
to page-size constraints, SEDR tables do not show data from 1961 through 1964 and 1966
through 1969. Those data are maintained in SEDS, included on the personal computer
diskettes, and covered by the documentation in this report.
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Data_Center_Name: U.S. Department of Energy
Dataset_ID: DOE/EIS-0214(92)
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National Energy Information Center, EI-231
Energy Information Administration
Forrestal Building, Room 1F-048
Washington, DC 20585
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Dataset_ID: DOE/EIS-0214(92)
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U.S. Government Printing Office
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