Global Climate Change: The USAID Response. A Report to Congress

Entry_ID: GCRIO 232 GCRIO_Inventory: 44 Entry_Title: Global Climate Change: The USAID Response. A Report to Congress Document_Author: None Agency_Name: U.S. Agency for International Development Start_Date: 1994-06-00
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The Senate Appropriations Committee has requested the U.S. Agency for
International Development (USAID) to describe its planned activities and
future strategic approaches to combat global climate change. This report is a
response to that request, emphasizing developments since the 1990 Report to
Congress entitled Greenhouse Gas Emissions and the Developing Countries:
Strategic Options and the USAID Response (USAID, 1990 ).
This report draws its inspiration from the current initiative to reinvigorate
the Agency, and builds upon strategies in four areas that are critical to
sustainable development: Population and Health, Economic Growth,
Environment, and Democracy.
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