EIA New Releases

Entry_ID: GCRIO 213 GCRIO_Inventory: Entry_Title: EIA New Releases Document_Author: Springer, Ingrid Agency_Name: Energy Information Administration Start_Date: 1994-07-00
Group: Summary
Audience_Interest_Guide: Research Community
Audience_Interest_Guide: Government
Audience_Interest_Guide: Industry

This report was prepared by the Energy Information Administration, the independent statistical and analytical agency within the Department of Energy. It is published six times per year and is available at no charge to anyone by request. The report is also available from EPUB, EIA's electronic publishing system bulletin board.
Group: Data_Center
Data_Center_Name: Department of Energy
Dataset_ID: Same as Entry_Title
Group: Data_Center_Contact
Last_Name: None
First_Name: None
Phone: (202) 586-8800
Group: Address
National Energy Information Center, EI-231
Energy Information Administration
Forrestal Building, Room 1F-048
Washington, DC, 20585
Storage_Medium: Printed matter
Parameter: None
Discipline: Applied Sciences > Administrative Sciences > Business Economics
Discipline: Applied Sciences > Administrative Sciences > Marketing
Discipline: Applied Sciences > Manufacturing
Location: North America > United States
Location: Global
Keyword: trends
Keyword: home heating
Keyword: gas industry
Keyword: catalog
Keyword: publications
Keyword: oil
Keyword: natural gas
Keyword: alternative-fueled vehicles
Keyword: fuels
Keyword: electricity
Keyword: methanol
Keyword: ethanol
Keyword: coal
Keyword: solar
Keyword: renewable energy
Keyword: petroleum
Keyword: electronic products
Keyword: nuclear power
Keyword: electric power
Keyword: uranium