Pan American Climate Studies: A Scientific Prospectus

Entry_ID: GCRIO 208 GCRIO_Inventory: 1 Entry_Title: Pan American Climate Studies: A Scientific Prospectus Document_Author: None Agency_Name: NOAA>National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Start_Date: 1995-2005
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The Pan American Climate Studies (PACS) program described in this
document is a United States federal program in the 1995-2004 time frame
directed toward the goal of improving the skill of operational seasonal-to-
interannual climate prediction (with emphasis on precipitation) over the
Americas. Specific scientific objectives are to promote a better understanding
and more realistic modeling of: (1) the seasonally varying mean climate of
the Americas and adjacent ocean regions, with emphasis on the North and
South American monsoons, the intertropical convergence zones, the
equatorial cold tongues, the subtropical oceanic stratus decks, and the
dominant tropical and extratropical cyclone tracks, and (2) the role of
boundary processes in forcing seasonal-to-interannual climate variability
over the Americas, with emphasis on the influence of tropical sea surface
temperature on continental precipitation, (3) the coupling between the
oceanic mixed layer and the atmospheric planetary boundary layer in the
tropical Atlantic and eastern Pacific, and (4) the processes that determine the
structure and evolution of the tropical sea-surface temperature field.
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