EPAÕs Contaminated Sediment Management Strategy

Entry_ID: GCRIO 200 GCRIO_Inventory: 1 Entry_Title: EPAÕs Contaminated Sediment Management Strategy Document_Author: Sediment Steering Committee Agency_Name: U.S. EPA>Environmental Protection Agency Start_Date: 1994-08-00
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This management strategy describes specific actions that EPA will take
to reduce environmental and human health risks associated with
contaminated sediment. The strategy describes the cross-program policy
framework in which EPA intends to promote consideration and reduction of
ecological and human health risks posed by sediment contamination. The
goals of the Strategy are: 1) to develop consistent methodologies for
assessing contaminated sediments; 2) to prevent ecological or human
health risks; 3) to clean-up existing sediment contamination that causes
significant effects on human health or the environment; and 4) to ensure
that sediment dredging and the disposal of dredged material continue to
be managed in an environmentally sound manner.
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Contaminated Sediment Strategy Clerk
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Washington, DC 20460
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