Public Use of Earth and Space Science Data Over the Internet. A

Entry_ID: GCRIO 195 GCRIO_Inventory: 0 Entry_Title: Public Use of Earth and Space Science Data Over the Internet. A Cooperative Agreement Notice Document_Author: None Agency_Name: Office of Aeronautics, NASA
Start_Date: 1994-03-09
Group: Summary
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This NASA Cooperative Agreement Notice (CAN) solicits proposals from all
sources for: (1) innovative remote sensing database applications; (2)
development of digital library technology focused on addressing the long-
term scale-up requirements applications in (1); and, (3) a remote sensing
public access center for demonstrating, testing, and facilitating the first two

The intent of this solicitation is to stimulate broad public use, via the
Internet, of the very large remote sensing databases maintained by NASA and
other agencies to stimulate U.S. economic growth, improve the quality of life,
and contribute to the implementation of a National Information
Group: Data_Center
Data_Center_Name: NASA>National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Dataset_ID: CAN-OA-94-1
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Phone: (202) 497-0360
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Document Resource Facility
Earth Science Support Office
300 D Street, SW, Suite 840
Washington, DC 20024
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Location: North America > United States
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Keyword: internet
Keyword: earth science data
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