IGBP Global Change Report No. 15: Global Change System for Analysis,

Entry_ID: GCRIO 186 GCRIO_Inventory: 4 Entry_Title: IGBP Global Change Report No. 15: Global Change System for Analysis, Research and Training (START) Document_Author: Eddy, J.A., (editor) et al. Agency_Name: IGBP>International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme of the International
Council of Scientific Unions
Start_Date: 1991-00-00
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Report of a meeting at Bellagio December 3-7, 1990. The Bellagio Workshop was notable in
three respects. First, there was remarkable unanimity and enthusiasm among the
participants over our findings and recommendations. Second, there was agreement that a
more intimate interaction was desirable between the social and natural sciences. Third,
there was a sobering realization that a favourable human prospect can be ensured only by
fostering worldwide a dynamic and creative interaction between science and technology in
the context of societal development. Finally, it should be remarked that START is not
intended to preempt or replace the array of institutions now in place to address issues of
global change. START holds the promise of augmenting their work.
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