Greenhouse Effect Detection Experiment (GEDEX) Global and Regional Selected

Entry_ID: GCRIO 183 GCRIO_Inventory: 7 Entry_Title: Greenhouse Effect Detection Experiment (GEDEX) Global and Regional Selected Data Sets Version 1 on CD-ROM Document_Author: Olsen, Lola M. Document_Author: Warnock, Archibald, III
Agency_Name: NASA Climate Data Staff, Goddard Distributed Active Archive Center
Start_Date: 1992
Group: Summary
Audience_Interest_Guide: Research Community
Audience_Interest_Guide: Science Institute

These data sets were prepared as a NASA contribution to the Space Agency Forum on The
International Space Year 1992.

This 2-disk CD-ROM set contains 53 data sets covering surface, upper-air, and/or
satellite-derived measurements of temperature, solar irradiance, clouds, greenhouse gases,
fluxes, albedo, aerosols, ozone, and water vapor, along with Southern Oscillation Indices
and Quasi-Biennial Oscillation statistics. Coverage and the spatial resolutions vary from
zonal to 2.5 degree latitude/longitude grids. Temporal coverage also varies. Some surface
station data sets cover only the most recent 12 years. Temporal resolution, for most data
sets, is monthly.

Disk 1 contains the temperature, solar irradiance, cloud, and radiation budget data. Disk
2 contains the atmospheric constituents data.

The data reside in a standard format, the Common Data Format (CDF), to allow for the use
of a single set of software tools to access the data on disks. Each CD-ROM contains 6
subdirectories: DATA (data sets in CDF); DETAILED (detailed catalogs); DOCUMENT (CD-ROM
documentation); INDEX (tables of data describing the data sets); SOFTWARE (utility
programs for manipulating data in CDF under MS-DOS, DEC VAX, UNIX); and SUMMARY (summary
Group: Data_Center
Data_Center_Name: Goddard Space Flight Center Distributed Active Archive Center,
NASA>National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Group: Data_Center_Contact
Last_Name: Olsen
First_Name: Lola M.
Email: None
Phone: (301) 286-9760
Fax: None
Group: Address
Data Management Systems Facility
Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, MD 20771
Storage_Medium: CD-ROM
Parameter: Atmospheric Composition>Aerosols
Parameter: Atmospheric Composition>Air Quality
Parameter: Atmospheric Composition>Carbon Dioxide
Parameter: Atmospheric Composition>Chlorofluorocarbons
Parameter: Atmospheric Composition>Clouds
Parameter: Atmospheric Composition>Humidity
Parameter: Atmospheric Composition>Methane
Parameter: Atmospheric Composition>Nitrogen
Parameter: Atmospheric Composition>Nitrogen Dioxide
Parameter: Atmospheric Composition>Ozone
Parameter: Atmospheric Composition>Trace Gases
Parameter: Atmospheric Composition>Water Vapor
Parameter: Atmospheric Dynamics>Atmospheric Temperature
Parameter: Atmospheric Dynamics>Cloud Types
Parameter: Atmospheric Dynamics>Geopotential Height
Parameter: Atmospheric Dynamics>Heat Flux
Parameter: Atmospheric Dynamics>Humidity
Parameter: Atmospheric Dynamics>Precipitation
Parameter: Atmospheric Dynamics>Pressure
Parameter: Atmospheric Dynamics>Solar Radiation
Parameter: Earth Radiative Processes>Albedo
Parameter: Earth Radiative Processes>Heat Flux
Parameter: Earth Radiative Processes>Irradiance
Parameter: Earth Radiative Processes>Solar Activity
Parameter: Ocean Dynamics>Temperature
Discipline: Physical Sciences > Atmospheric Sciences
Discipline: Physical Sciences > Climatology > Meteorology
Discipline: Physical Sciences > Earth Science > Atmosphere
Location: Global
Keyword: satellite data
Keyword: surface
Keyword: upper air
Keyword: sea surface temperature
Keyword: radiation budget
Keyword: solar irradiance
Keyword: clouds
Keyword: greenhouse gases
Keyword: fluxes
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