Asymetric Change of Daily Temperature Range. Proceedings

Entry_ID: GCRIO 181 GCRIO_Inventory: 0 Entry_Title: Asymetric Change of Daily Temperature Range. Proceedings of the International MINIMAX WORKSHOP Held Under the Auspices of NOAA National Environmental Watch and the DOE Global Change Research Program. September 27-30, 1993. College Park, Maryland.
Document_Author: Kukla, George (editor)
Document_Author: Karl, Thomas R. (editor)
Document_Author: Riches, Michael R. (editor)
Agency_Name: United States Department of Energy
Start_Date: 1994-04-00
Group: Summary
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These proceedings of the workshop provide a snapshot of the state-of-
the-science. Nearly 40 researchers from 10 nations report on the data,
the analyses, the model studies, and the potential future implications
of a continuing change of diurnal temperature range. It also includes a
news release, list of attendees, graphs, maps, and charts.
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