The Scientific Challenge of Our Changing Environment

Entry_ID: GCRIO 171 GCRIO_Inventory: 1 Entry_Title: The Scientific Challenge of Our Changing Environment Document_Author: Hall, Jeremy (ed.) Document_Author: Wadleigh, Moire (ed.) Agency_Name: Canadian Global Change Program
Start_Date: 1993-06-00
Group: Summary
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Proceedings of a conference addressing environmental change in Newfoundland and Labrador
and similar regions held at the Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's, 3-5 March
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Data_Center_Name: Canadian Global Change Program Secretariat
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c/o Royal Society of Canada
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Ottawa, Ontario K1G 5J4
Storage_Medium: 89 pages printed matter
Parameter: Climate change
Parameter: Demographic Characteristics>Population Size
Discipline: Physical Sciences > Chemistry
Discipline: Physical Sciences > Earth Science > Land
Discipline: Physical Sciences > Freshwater
Discipline: Physical Sciences > Hydrology
Discipline: Life Sciences > Biology > Botany
Discipline: Life Sciences > Ecology
Discipline: Life Sciences > Environmental Science
Discipline: Life Sciences > Human Ecology
Discipline: Applied Sciences > Agricultural Sciences > Forestry
Discipline: Multidisciplinary Sciences > Earth Science > Land
Discipline: Multidisciplinary Sciences > Environmental Studies
Discipline: Life Sciences > Geology
Location: North America > Canada > Newfoundland
Location: North America > Canada > Labrador
Keyword: proceedings
Keyword: GAC>Newfoundland Section of the Geological Association of Canada
Keyword: population growth
Keyword: climate change
Keyword: environmental monitoring
Keyword: biogeochemical cycling
Keyword: paleoclimate
Keyword: sea level fluctuations
Keyword: environmental chemistry
Keyword: coastal biology
Keyword: hydrogeology
Keyword: geochemistry
Keyword: ecosystem modelling
Keyword: remote sensing
Keyword: wildlife
Keyword: environmental quality
Keyword: landscape processes