Implementation Plan for the GEWEX Continental-Scale International Project

Entry_ID: GCRIO 165 GCRIO_Inventory: 3 Entry_Title: Implementation Plan for the GEWEX Continental-Scale International Project (GCIP). Volume III - Strategic Plan for Data Management Document_Author: Leese, John A. Agency_Name: GCIP Data Collection and Management Committee
Start_Date: 1994-03-00
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The issues of data management for the GCIP are divided into strategic and tactical
planning efforts. The strategic portion of the data management planning, covered in this
volume, establishes the implementation of strategies needed to achieve the overall data
management objectives: (1) during the course of the project, GCIP data management system
will compile information on data collected in the data centers to produce special data
sets; (2) at the project's completion, the GCIP data management system will turn over the
composite data set documentation (metadata) to a permanent archiving agency for continued
use in climate related studies.

This volume also provides guidelines for preparing GCIP data sets on a short-term basis as
well as a 5-yr consolidated data set. There will be a tactical data management plan for
each definable data set compiled under the Project. An expanded outline for a GCIP
Tactical Data Management Plan is provided in Appendix A, and a summary of the actual plan
for the first of a series of initial data sets is contained in Appendix B.
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