SIGCAT CD-ROM Compendium

Entry_ID: GCRIO 161 GCRIO_Inventory: 2 Entry_Title: SIGCAT CD-ROM Compendium Document_Author: None Agency_Name: SIGCAT>Special Issue Group on CD-ROM Applications and Technology//U.S. Geological Survey Library
Start_Date: 1992-04-00
Group: Summary
Audience_Interest_Guide: Research Community
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The purpose of this compendium is to track and highlight CD-ROM products, both in process
and completed, containing government information. The criterion for inclusion in this
issue of the Compendium is that the source data provider be a Federal, State, or other
non-profit agency.

The Compendium is an annotated list of CD-ROM products, arranged alphabetically by title.
Both source information and vendor information are provided since some of the titles are
available from an organization other than the source.

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