FEDWORLD: The Electronic Marketplace of U.S. and Foreign

Entry_ID: GCRIO 138 GCRIO_Inventory: 30 Entry_Title: FEDWORLD: The Electronic Marketplace of U.S. and Foreign Government Information Document_Author: None Agency_Name: NTIS>National Technical Information Service
Start_Date: 1994-06-00
Group: Summary
Audience_Interest_Guide: Government
Audience_Interest_Guide: Science Institutes
Audience_Interest_Guide: Research Community
Audience_Interest_Guide: General Interest

Brochure describes the features, functions and benefits of FedWorld, the first
U.S. Government electronic gateway to more than 120 computer systems
from Federal agencies.
Group: Data_Center
Data_Center_Name: U.S. Department of Commerce
Dataset_ID: same as Entry_Title
Group: Data_Center_Contact
Last_Name: None
First_Name: None
Email: telnet to fedworld.gov
Email: FTP to ftp.fedworld.gov (
Phone: (703) 487-4608
Fax: (703) 487-4009
Group: Address
National Technical Information Service
5285 Port Royal Road
Springfield, VA 22161
Storage_Medium: 2 pp. printed matter (brochure)
Parameter: Vital Statistics
Discipline: Computer Science
Discipline: Telecommunications
Discipline: Information Science
Location: North America > United States
Keyword: government
Keyword: federal agencies
Keyword: NTIS products
Keyword: internet resources
Keyword: information services
Keyword: technical information