Guide to Federal Water Quality Programs and Information

Entry_ID: GCRIO 129 GCRIO_Inventory: 10 Entry_Title: Guide to Federal Water Quality Programs and Information Document_Author: Interagency Work Group on Water Quality Agency_Name: EPA>United States Environmental Protection Agency Start_Date: 1993-02-00
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The overall goal of the Guide to Federal Water Quality Programs and
Information is to help make key Federal information on water quality
available to environmental analysts. In this time of increased environmental
awareness it is vital to share as much information as possible, avoid
duplication of effort, and limit the resources used to identify and collect
necessary data.

This guide includes information on the following factors relating to water
quality assessment: 1) underlying demographic pressures; 2) the use of land,
water, and resources; 3) pollutant loadings; 4) ambient water quality; 5) other
effects of water pollution; and 6) a listing of programs established to preserve,
protect and restore water quality.
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