Cooling Our Communities: A Guidebook on Tree Planting and

Entry_ID: GCRIO 127 GCRIO_Inventory: 1 Entry_Title: Cooling Our Communities: A Guidebook on Tree Planting and Light-Colored Surfacing Document_Author: Akbari, Hashem (editor), et al. Agency_Name: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Start_Date: 1992-01-00
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In 1990, President Bush unveiled his America the Beautiful Tree Planting
Program which called for planting of billions of trees each year to
improve forest management on targeted lands. This publication focuses on
one element of that program, community tree planting, and adds a new
component, light-colored surfacing. It describes how citizens can help
reduce air pollution, abate the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, and
potentially lower rising urban temperature through two types of
activities - planting trees around homes and other small buildings, and
lightening the color of buildings and paved surfaces. Each can save
energy, reaping environmental and economic benefits. This guidebook
shows how the efforts of volunteers, spurred by growing environmental
awareness, can be tapped to improve our communities.
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