Glaciological Data. Permafrost and Climatic Change: An Annotated

Entry_ID: GCRIO 125 GCRIO_Inventory: 1 Entry_Title: Glaciological Data. Permafrost and Climatic Change: An Annotated Bibliography Document_Author: Koster, Eduard A. et al. Agency_Name: World Data Center for Glaciology [Snow and Ice]
Start_Date: 1994-06-00
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This report is part of the Glaciological Data series and provides an extensive guide to
literature on permafrost and climatic change. This annotated bibliography has been
prepared by members of the Working Group on Present Global Change and Permafrost of the
International Permafrost Association and supplemented by other recent references
identified by Ann Brennan, WDC-A Glaciology. It includes an author and subject index.

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