Global Change NewsLetter (No. 13, March 1993)

Entry_ID: GCRIO 111 GCRIO_Inventory: 0 Entry_Title: Global Change NewsLetter (No. 13, March 1993) Document_Author: Nash, Suzanne (editor) Document_Author: Williamson, Phillip (editor) Agency_Name: The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
Start_Date: 1993-03-01
Group: Summary
Audience_Interest_Guide: Science Institutes
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Special issue of IGBP newsletter devoted to SAC III, a conference of the
Scientific Advisory Council for the IGBP, held 24-29, 1993 in Ensenada,
Mexico. Also contains abstracts from the "Reducing Uncertainties in Global
Change" symposium.
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Data_Center_Name: IGBP>International Geosphere-Biosphere
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Phone: (+46-8) 16 64 48
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IGBP Secretariat
The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
Box 50005
S-104 05 Stockholm
Storage_Medium: 28 pages printed matter
Parameter: Atmospheric Composition
Parameter: Atmospheric Dynamics
Parameter: Geodynamic Features
Parameter: Geography and Land Cover
Parameter: Geological Parameters
Parameter: Hydrological Parameters
Parameter: Ocean Composition
Parameter: Ocean Dynamics
Discipline: Earth Science
Discipline: Atmospheric Sciences
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Discipline: Oceanography
Location: North America > United States
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Keyword: land-ocean interactions
Keyword: coastal zone
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