RIDGE Science Plan 1993-1997

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The purpose of this document is to present the scientific strategy to be
implemented over the next five years (1993-1997) to begin to achieve the
objectives of the RIDGE Initiative. The plan for each program element is
based on recommendations developed at a number of RIDGE meetings and
workshops that have been held over the past three years; this document
draws heavily on those reports. The plans are also influenced by and
contribute to, the coordinated international initiative with similar aims-
InterRidge. The research directories outlined in this document will be used
to issue annual RIDGE Program Announcements and to assess the relevance
and priority of proposals that are submitted for RIDGE support. Ultimately,
however, the work that is carried out as part of RIDGE will be driven by the
quality and diversity of proposals submitted by individual investigators, and
by the new scientific directions that emerge from RIDGE and InterRidge.
Clearly, much of the research that will be conducted later in the program will
depend on results from studies completed during the initial phases, as well as
the growth in funding levels for the program. Consequently, the plan
presented here is by no means final; it will need to be updated every few
years as the program progresses.
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