Directory of Federal Laboratory and Technology Resources 5th Ed.:

Entry_ID: GCRIO 099 GCRIO_Inventory: 0 Entry_Title: Directory of Federal Laboratory and Technology Resources 5th Ed.: A Guide to Services, Facilities, and Expertise Document_Author: None Agency_Name: U.S. Department of Commerce
Start_Date: 1993
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Audience_Interest_Guide: Science Institutes, Industry, and Government

This directory is a convenient desktop reference that an engineer, scientist, or
decision maker can use to locate U.S. Government technology-oriented

The Government employs thousands of engineers and scientists to conduct
research and engineering activities. They are located at hundreds of Federal
laboratory and engineering facilities around the United States. The expertise
and equipment available at these facilities represent a valuable Government
resource. Realizing this value, agencies are encouraging the increased use of
their resources to help the academic and business sectors in their research and
engineering efforts.

To prepare this directory, Federal agencies, laboratories, and engineering
centers were surveyed to identify services, areas of expertise, equipment, and
facilities that can assist the academic and business communities.

The more than 1,900 resources listed offer a variety of know-how and
services. Although there may be restrictions on use or availability in some
instances, the Government agencies have shown a desire to offer their
resources to increase the sharing of Federal technology.

This directory was prepared as a joint project between the National Technical
Information Service (NTIS) and the National Technology Transfer Center
(NTTC). Both organizations are working with Federal agencies and their
laboratories to select and highlight new technologies and resources that have
potential commercial or industrial application.

This directory is available from NTIS for $65 plus $3 shipping ($130 for
customers outside of the U.S., Canada and Mexico plus $4 for handling).
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