The Global Climate System (Autumn 1984-Spring 1986)

Entry_ID: GCRIO 089 GCRIO_Inventory: 0 Entry_Title: The Global Climate System (Autumn 1984-Spring 1986) Document_Author: None Agency_Name: World Climate Data Programme, World Meteorological Organization
Start_Date: 1987-00-00
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This report is the second review of the Global Climate System. It is based on
the current scientific understanding of the climate system and provides a
basis for the monitoring of global change. Due to deficiencies in the global
observing system, the diagnostic analyses of cause-effect relationships are
preliminary for some regions and some climatic events or processes. It is
hoped that the review will promote further research and better observing
systems that would lead to improved models of the complex interactive
processes occurring within the climate system. This report has been compiled
from readily available scientific literature: an extensive bibliography is
provided at the end of the report for further reading.
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World Climate Data Monitoring and Programme
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