National Science Foundation Global Change Research Program,

Entry_ID: GCRIO 082 GCRIO_Inventory: 0 Entry_Title: National Science Foundation Global Change Research Program, a component of the U.S. Global Change Research Program: Research Opportunities 1993 Document_Author: None
Agency_Name: National Science Foundation
Start_Date: 1993
Group: Summary
Audience_Interest_Guide: Research Community

This booklet describes the US Global Change Program's goals and objectives,
national research program, program priorities and national and international
interactions. Information about the NSF Global Change Program includes:
background, NSF's role, contributing research, NSF's focused global change
research program, general NSF proposal guidelines and grant administration.
Research opportunities with the NSF Global Change Research Program are
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Data_Center_Name: National Science Foundation
Dataset_ID: NSF 92-77
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Email: BITNET > pubs@NSF
Phone: (202) 357-7861
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National Science Foundation
1800 G Street, NW, Room 232
Washington, DC 20550
Storage_Medium: 31 pages printed matter
Parameter: Atmospheric Composition
Parameter: Atmospheric Dynamics
Parameter: Biological Entities
Parameter: Geodynamic Features
Parameter: Geography and Land Cover
Parameter: Hydrologic Parameters
Parameter: Ocean Composition
Parameter: Ocean Dynamics
Parameter: Radiance and Imagery
Discipline: Environmental Engineering
Discipline: Atmospheric Sciences
Discipline: Earth Science
Discipline: Hydrology
Discipline: Oceanography
Discipline: Seismology
Discipline: Solar Physics
Discipline: Biochemistry
Discipline: Biophysics
Discipline: Ecology
Discipline: Environmental Science
Discipline: Life Sciences
Discipline: Geography
Discipline: History
Location: Global
Location: North America > United States
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