Modeling the Earth System: Papers arising from the 1990 OIES

Entry_ID: GCRIO 074 GCRIO_Inventory: 0 Entry_Title: Modeling the Earth System: Papers arising from the 1990 OIES Global Change Institute - Snowmass, Colorado 16-27 July 1990 Document_Author: Ojima, Dennis (editor) Agency_Name: UCAR>University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
Start_Date: 1992
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Proceedings from the 1990 Global Change Institute on Earth System Modeling
organizes by the Office for Interdisciplinary Earth Studies. The 1990 Global
Change Institute focused on the role of modeling in a better understanding of
the earth system. Models play a vital role in the study of the earth system.
They represent our understanding of natural processes, prompt specific
questions, suggest further measurements, and permit forecasting of future
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