EarthQuest (newsletter)

Entry_ID: GCRIO 057 GCRIO_Inventory: 20 Entry_Title: EarthQuest (newsletter) Document_Author: Anderson, Barbara (editor) Agency_Name: UCAR>University Corporation for Atmospheric Research Start_Date: 1991-04-01
Group: Summary
Audience_Interest_Guide: General Interest

EarthQuest is a newsletter issued quarterly by the Office for Interdisciplinary
Earth Studies, a program-driven activity administered by the University
Corporation for Atmospheric Research on behalf of all disciplines that study
the earth as an interconnected system. The purpose of the Office is to serve
the needs of the U.S. Global Change Research Program through advocacy, the
dissemination of information, and the definition and instigation of
interdisciplinary research in the study of the earth system.
Group: Data_Center
Data_Center_Name: OIES>Office for Interdisciplinary Earth Studies
Dataset_ID: same as Entry_Title
Group: Data_Center_Contact
Last_Name: None
First_Name: None
Email: None
Phone: (303) 497-1686
Fax: (303) 497-1654
Group: Address
University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
P.O. Box 3000
Boulder, CO 80307-3000
Storage_Medium: 20 pages printed matter (newsletter)
Parameter: Atmospheric Composition
Parameter: Atmospheric Dynamics
Parameter: Health Care
Parameter: Hydrological Parameters
Parameter: Ocean Composition
Parameter: Ocean Dynamics
Discipline: Atmospheric Sciences
Discipline: Chemistry
Discipline: Earth Science
Discipline: Geology
Discipline: Hydrology
Discipline: Oceanography
Discipline: Environmental Science
Location: Global
Keyword: atmospheric trace gases
Keyword: atmosphere
Keyword: atmospheric chemistry
Keyword: climate change programs
Keyword: global change programs
Keyword: IGBP
Keyword: JGOFS
Keyword: TOGA
Keyword: ocean flux
Keyword: ozone history
Keyword: land use
Keyword: land cover
Keyword: science education
Keyword: NATO workshops