Scientific Assessment of Stratospheric Ozone 1989, Volume II

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A two-volume technical report on the scientific assessment of the state of
the stratospheric ozone layer.

This report is the outcome of the Alternative Fluorocarbon Environmental
Acceptability Study (AFEAS). AFEAS was organized to evaluate the potential
effects on the environment of alternative compounds targeted to replace fully
halogenated chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). The objective was to: evaluate all
relevant current scientific information to determine the environmental
acceptability of the alternative fluorocarbons with special emphasis on: (1) the
potential of the compounds to affect both stratospheric and tropospheric
ozone, (2) their potential to contribute to model calculated global warming, (3)
the atmospheric degradation mechanisms of the compounds, in order to
identify their products and hence, (4) the potential environmental effects of
the decomposition products.

The alternative compounds to be studied were hydrofluorocarbons, chlorine
and hydrogen.
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