The U.S. Global Change Data and Information Management

Entry_ID: GCRIO 045 GCRIO_Inventory: 22 Entry_Title: The U.S. Global Change Data and Information Management Program Plan Document_Author: None Agency_Name: Committee on Earth and Environmental Sciences
Start_Date: 1992-09-00
Group: Summary
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An early document outlining the U.S. Global Change Data and Information
Management Program - data needs, mechanisms for acquisition, use, storage,
and dissemination.
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Data_Center_Name: "Committee on Earth and Environmental Sciences"
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c/o National Science Foundation
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1800 G Street NW, Room 232
Washington, DC 20550
Storage_Medium: 94 pages printed matter
Parameter: Atmospheric Parameters
Parameter: Atmospheric Dynamics
Parameter: Earth Radiative Processes
Parameter: Geodynamic Features
Parameter: Geography and Land Cover
Parameter: Geological Parameters
Parameter: Hydrological Parameters
Discipline: Earth Science > Atmosphere
Discipline: Earth Science > Land
Discipline: Earth Science > Ocean
Location: Global
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