"The Sustainable Biosphere Initiative: An Ecological Research

Entry_ID: GCRIO 043 GCRIO_Inventory: 4 Entry_Title: "The Sustainable Biosphere Initiative: An Ecological Research Agenda" Document_Author: Lubchenco, Jane, et al. Agency_Name: The Ecological Society of America
Start_Date: 1991-04-00
Group: Summary
Audience_Interest_Guide: General Interest

This report appeared in ECOLOGY, Volume 72, Number 2, April 1991,
pp. 371-412.

This document focuses primarily on the acquisition of ecological knowledge. It
identifies the ecological research programs of highest priority and recommends
the steps required to pursue research objectives. The document also lays the
groundwork for improving the communication and application of ecological
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Parameter: Biological Entities > Land Wildlife
Parameter: Biological Entities > Microorganisms
Parameter: Biological Entities > Minor Species
Parameter: Biological Entities > Ocean Vegetation
Parameter: Biological Entities > Ocean Wildlife
Parameter: Geography and Land Cover > Surface Vegetation
Parameter: Geography and Land Cover > Wetlands
Parameter: Ocean Composition > Biomass
Parameter: Ocean Composition > Nutrients
Parameter: Ocean Composition > Organic Matter
Parameter: Ocean Composition > Phosphates
Parameter: Ocean Composition > Phytoplankton
Parameter: Ocean Composition > Pigment Concentration
Parameter: Ocean Composition > Pollutants
Parameter: Ocean Composition > Upwelling
Parameter: Ocean Composition > Zooplankton
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Discipline: Life Sciences > Biology
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Keyword: biosphere
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Keyword: environmental decision-making
Keyword: global change
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