"The Future of Spaceborne Altimetry: Oceans and Climate

Entry_ID: GCRIO 033 GCRIO_Inventory: 1 Entry_Title: "The Future of Spaceborne Altimetry: Oceans and Climate Change" Document_Author: Koblinsky, C.J. (editor) Document_Author: Gaspar, P. (editor)
Document_Author: Lagerloef, G. (editor)
Agency_Name: NASA>National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Start_Date: March 1992
Group: Summary
Audience_Interest_Guide: Research Community

A 75-page report on the scientific rationale and the technical elements of
effective altimetric systems.

Document is written in French and English.
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Data_Center_Name: Joint Oceanographic Institutions Incorporated
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Email: JOI.Inc/Omnet
Phone: (202) 232-3900
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1755 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Suite 800
Washington, DC 20036-2102
Storage_Medium: 75 pages of printed matter
Parameter: Atmospheric Dynamics > Geopotential Height
Parameter: Geodynamic Features > Geodesy
Parameter: Geodynamic Features > Gravity Fields
Parameter: Geodynamic Features > Tectonophysics
Parameter: Geodynamic Features > Terrain Elevation
Parameter: Geography and Land Cover > Elevation
Parameter: Geography and Land Cover > Landforms
Parameter: Geography and Land Cover > Topographic Data
Parameter: Ocean Dynamics > Bathymetry
Parameter: Ocean Dynamics > Currents
Parameter: Ocean Dynamics > Sea Level
Parameter: Ocean Dynamics > Sea Surface Height
Parameter: Ocean Dynamics > Swell
Parameter: Ocean Dynamics > Tides
Parameter: Ocean Dynamics > Waves
Parameter: Ocean Dynamics > Winds
Parameter: Radiance and Imagery > Microwave
Discipline: Earth Science > Land
Discipline: Earth Science > Ocean
Location: Global
Keyword: NASA
Keyword: radar
Keyword: SAR
Keyword: Doppler Altimetry
Keyword: oceanography
Keyword: ocean circulation
Keyword: climate change
Keyword: climate forecasting
Keyword: climate prediction