The papers presented in this report describe interim results and future activities of climate change country studies supported by the U.S. Government. In a few cases work supported by other donors is also reported here. The report contains papers prepared by fourteen countries and a Central American organization representing seven countries in a regional study. The information presented here covers preliminary work carried out by the countries and has not necessarily been endorsed either by the respective Governments or the U.S. Government.

The Framework Convention on Climate Change, which has been signed by more than 150 governments worldwide, calls on parties to the Convention to inventory national sources and sinks of greenhouse gases (GHG) and to develop plans for responding to climate change. To assist developing countries and countries with economies in transition to meet this obligation, the U.S. Government has committed $30 million to support climate change country studies. Technical and financial support to countries is provided through the U.S. Country Studies Program.

The U.S. Country Studies Program has sponsored two rounds of studies. In October 1993, studies with 26 countries were initiated and in October 1994, studies with an additional 29 countries began. Most of the studies have a two year duration. The countries submitting papers in time for inclusion in this interim report include countries that are participating in both rounds of the Program.

The goals of the U.S. Country Studies Program are to:

Most of the studies that are being supported under this program include three primary elements:

The Program has established extensive technical cooperation and technology transfer between country researchers and international experts. Technical support that is provided to the countries includes the provision of guidance materials and analytical tools, sponsorship of training workshops, site visits and ongoing guidance from technical experts, and assistance in interpreting and presenting results. The Program works in close cooperation with other countries and international organizations in the design and implementation of technical and financial support activities.

At the request of the participating countries, special attention is being given to the preparation of synthesis documents where countries can report their methodologies and results. Such activities are considered vital to the success of this cooperative effort. This report is the first of many synthesis publications that the Program will issue.